Tremendous Respect and Admiration

Jul 28, 2016

Occasionally, there were views or policies which raised my 21st Century eyebrows, but the letter which stayed with me long after I first read it; the letter which I mention to anyone who asks about my work this summer, is one that fills me with tremendous respect and admiration for America’s 26th President.

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A Woman with Agency: The First White House Social Secretary

Jul 20, 2016

While cataloging correspondence from the Library of Congress Manuscripts Division, I came across the typewritten words of a woman who held the position of “Social Secretary” to the White House. The creation date was 1902. The history of women in the White House suddenly fascinated me, as a major part of social history at the turn of the 20th century. This is not a time period that I would historically associate with female agency in cosmopolitan American society, much less political inclusion, so I was very curious to know more about her. How did she rise to this position? What did she do? Does the White House still have a Social Secretary position? 

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Well-wishes and Caricatures

Jul 12, 2016

When I applied for the Theodore Roosevelt Center’s digital cataloging internship, I admittedly knew only a little about Theodore Roosevelt—either as a leader or a personality. In preparation, I did a good deal of research about this man I knew was a towering figure of American history. What I found was an enigma—a man who was many things to many people, but was always singularly himself. 

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