Happy Birthday to TR and a Celebration of Book Love

Oct 27, 2015

On Theodore Roosevelt’s birthday, we take a look back at one of his favorite things: books. The Summer 2014 issue of the Theodore Roosevelt Association Journal republished a 1920 pamphlet produced by the Syracuse Public Library, Roosevelt: Lover of Books. The pamphlet includes TR’s comments on some of the books he’s read. As winter moves in around the country, here are a few TR approved books and authors for your reading lists.

  • Louisa May Alcott. Little Men, Little Women, Old Fashioned Girl. “I greatly liked the girls’ stories …”
  • J. J. Audubon. “For natural history in the narrower sense there are still no better books than Audubon and Bachman’s Mammals and Audubon’s Birds.”
  • E. N. Buxton. Short Stalks. “His volumes teach us just what a big game hunter, a true sportsman, should be.”
  • J. F. Cooper. “Fenimore Cooper has preserved for always the likeness of these stark pioneer settlers and backwoods hunters … as for Leatherstocking, he is one of the undying men of story.”
  • Sir Walter Scott. “I still read a number of Scott’s novels over and over again.”
  • H. D. Thoreau. “As a woodland writer, Thoreau comes second only to Burroughs.”


Theodore Roosevelt and Skip on hunting trip, 1905. From the Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace.

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