Throughout the year, The Theodore Roosevelt Center hosts numerous events designed to raise awareness of Theodore Roosevelt, his impact on America and the world, and his lasting legacy. Events include the annual TR Symposium, scholarly lectures, author appearances, and book signings.

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Women in the Arena (and a bit of Roosevelt, too)

September 20-22, 2018

For a man whose whole life appears to embody a Cult of Masculinity, Theodore Roosevelt was surprisingly enlightened about the roles and rights of women. Beginning with his senior thesis at Harvard, and extending through his whole remarkable life, TR argued that women should have better protections and broader rights in American society.

Join us as we explore Roosevelt's relations with the women in his life—and, more importantly, his broader understanding of the role of women in American politics and American life, including Jane Addams, Margaret Sanger, Emma Goldman, and others.

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The Theodore Roosevelt Center hosts an annual symposium at Dickinson State University to explore various facets of Roosevelt’s life and career. Each symposium features a nationally-recognized keynote speaker, a series of lectures by prominent Roosevelt scholars, panel discussions, receptions, entertainment, and a field trip to places in North Dakota that were of importance to Roosevelt.

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The Theodore Roosevelt Center periodically hosts events such as guest speakers, book signings, volunteer training, and others.

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