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1917 East Saint Louis, Illinois, race riot

The 1917 East St. Louis, Illinois, race riot was one of the deadliest race riots in American history. The riot’s official death toll was 39 African Americans and nine whites, although some estimates put the death toll as high as two hundred. 

Addams, Jane

Jane Addams was the first American woman to win a Nobel Peace Prize and was a pioneer in the field of social work. She was also a prominent political activist and advocate of women’s suffrage who played a leading role in Theodore Roosevelt’s 1912 presidential campaign.

Aldrich, Nelson Wilmarth

Nelson Wilmarth Aldrich was the powerful senior Republican Senator from Rhode Island during Theodore Roosevelt’s presidency.

American Historical Association

Theodore Roosevelt served as president of the American Historical Association (AHA) in 1912. The organization was founded in 1884 at a time when the discipline of history was still very new.

Anthracite Coal Strike

The Anthracite Coal Strike, which took place from May to October 1902, began after mine operators refused to meet with representatives of the United Mine Workers of America.

Antiquities Act of 1906

The Antiquities Act of 1906 gave either the President or Congress authority to set aside historic landmarks and other objects of historic and scientific interest, protecting them from looting and destruction. President Roosevelt used the Act to designate many sites, including the Grand Canyon, as national monuments.

Bell, John Graham

John Graham Bell (1812-1889) was the taxidermist from Tappan, New York, who taught young Theodore Roosevelt how to preserve animals for collection and display and who may have first mentioned to him the bison roaming the Dakota prairies.

Berryman, Clifford

Clifford Berryman (1869-1949) created the iconic teddy bear cartoon that is forever linked with Theodore Roosevelt.

Billings, Frederick

Frederick Billings, president of the Northern Pacific Railroad, was a driving influence to that railroad's expansion across North Dakota.

Bok, Edward

Edward Bok (1863-1930 ) was the influential editor of Ladies Home Journal (1889-1919) and a strong supporter of Theodore Roosevelt’s.

of 12 Page: 111 articles: