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Buffalo Enquirer, Vol. 58, No. 41, Five O'Clock Edition, September 16, 1901
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Buffalo Enquirer, Vol. 58, No. 41, Five O'Clock Edition, September 16, 1901


Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site


Page 1: - "Washington Ceremonies Arranged" - Details on the preparations - "Confidence of Stock Market in Roosevelt" - "Czolgosz Hearing Before Grand Jury" - Limited information about how the hearing went - "Funeral Train on Way to Washington Met at Every Town with Tearful Men and Sobbing Women" - Reports on the response as the train passed through towns as written by a reporter on the train (cont. on page 10) - "Czolgosz Not at Headquarters"

Page 6: - "Services Simple and Impressive Over the Bier of M'Kinley" - Report of the services held at the Milburn House including a list of each person in attendance - "Thousands Saw Dead Ruler's Body Lying in State" - Article about public viewing of McKinley's body at Buffalo's City Hall

Page 8: - "Death Records Tell the Cause" - Text of McKinley's death certificate and information on obtaining a transportation permit for the body - "Programme of Week at Exposition" - Information on events to take place at the Pan Am including Lumberman's week, the cattle show, fireworks and military reviews

Page 9: - "Officials Who Were at Funeral" - List of foreign officials from the Pan Am that attended the funeral at the Milburn house - "Services at the Exposition of Condolence" - Proposed service at the Pan Am in the Stadium - "New Jersey Falls in October" - Rescheduled date for New Jersey Day - "Souvenir Fiends at City Hall" - People trying to take pieces of the plants near McKinley's casket - "Great Crowds on the Streets" - Crowd control during the public viewing at City Hall - "Indians View President's Remains"

Page 10: - "Mrs. M'Kinley's Face Calm Today, But Expressionless" - Mrs. McKinley leaving the Milburn house for the train - "Sketch of Secretary Cortelyou" - Biography - "Chili's Expressions of Sympathy" - "Sincere Feeling on the Isthmus" - From Colombia - "Girl Insane Over M'Kinley's Death" - "Clergy Pays Tribute to President" - Remarks from various clergy members

Page 11: - "M'Kinley Policy Not to be Changed" - Washington's reaction to Roosevelt's pledge to continue McKinley's policies - "Cranks at Wilcox Home Cause Trouble" - Stories of people who showed up at the house wanting to see Roosevelt; detailed account of how Roosevelt spent his time - "Financial Leaders are Agreed" - No change in fiscal policy desired - "Scathingly Rebukes Anarchy" - Message from Catholic bishop

Page 12: - "Pan-American Programme Today" - Schedule of events - "Memorial Services Tomorrow" - G.A.R. ceremonies - "Czolgosz Still in Cell No. 24" - Report that Czolgosz was not moved, as widely reported - "Poison on the Bullet a Question" - Theories on why McKinley died - "Thursday, Sept. 19th" - Text of President's and Governor's proclamations - "Holiday, Orders Mayor Diehl, on Thursday" - Day of mourning as decreed by Buffalo mayor

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Buffalo Enquirer, Vol. 58, No. 41, Five O'Clock Edition, September 16, 1901. Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site. Theodore Roosevelt Digital Library. Dickinson State University.
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