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Buffalo Evening Times, Vol. XXXVI, No. 4, 5 O'Clock/Last Edition, September 18, 1901
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Buffalo Evening Times, Vol. XXXVI, No. 4, 5 O'Clock/Last Edition, September 18, 1901


Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site


Buffalo Evening Times, Vol. XXXVI, No. 4, 5 O'Clock/Last Edition, September 18, 1901, p. 1-10 (complete):

Page 1: - "Martyred President in His Canton Home" - Arrival of the funeral train in Canton - "Street Cars and Trains to Stop" - At 3:30 p.m. on Thursday in memorial of McKinley - "Away with Anarchists" - Statement by President of the American Public Health Association - "Emma Goldman Arraigned Today" - Bail set in Chicago - "'Tasmanian Devil' Comes to Town" - Additions to Bostock's animal show at the Pan Am - "The M'Kinley Cabinet Will Remain in Power" - Confirmation that the Cabinet will stay in place, per Theodore Roosevelt's request - "Exposition to be Closed" - Notice that the Pan Am would be closed the next day for McKinley's funeral - "Well Fed" - Condition of Czolgosz in jail - "City Hall Will be Closed Tomorrow" - "Trial of Czolgosz on Monday" - Potential evidence for the trial against Czolgosz - "No Times Tomorrow" - No issue of the Buffalo Evening Times will be published the next day in honor of McKinley's funeral - "Several Arrests at the Exposition Today" - Waiters arrested while playing craps in an alley

Page 2: - "Meadville is in the Deepest Mourning" - "Memorial Exercises Planned in Medina" - "Services in Batavia" - "Memorial Tablet" - Suggestion that a brass plaque be put where McKinley's body lay in City Hall - "Who Will be Orator at National Ceremonies" - Theory on who should speak at day to be set aside by Congress to remember McKinley

Page 4: - Short editorials, with one about McKinley - "The Extra Column" by Victor Roville - Opinion piece that claims the doctors did not purposefully give optimistic bulletins about McKinley's condition to prop up the stock market - "Mostly About People" by Jan Schimmelpennick - Column dedicated to McKinley - "Snap Shots" - Short news items from the Pan Am

Page 5: - "Crowd Made Rush for the Assassin" - Report that the crowd rushed for Czolgosz as he left court - "Closing Ceremonies at Washington Last Night" - Removal of McKinley's body from the Capitol - "Mrs. M'Kinley Walked with Surprising Firmness" - "Program at Canton: Arrival of the Remains" - Times of events in Canton - "Memorial Services" - Article about things that are to be closed for McKinley's funeral as well as list of memorial services scheduled - "President Roosevelt and Cabinet Hold a Meeting" - Theodore Roosevelt's first Cabinet meeting in Washington, D.C., where he asks each member to continue - "Railroad Travel is Picking Up" - Official from Pan Am optimistic about increase in traffic - "The Father of Czolgosz" - Speculation that Czolgosz's father was involved in a murder in Michigan 25 years before

Page 7: - Half page advertisement for Welsh Day and Eisteddfod at the Pan Am - "President's Doctors Deny Reports of Dissension" - Statement by the doctors that took care of McKinley, denying dissension between them over treatments; drafted at the Wilcox house - "Judge Titus Objects" - Protests being assigned to defend Czolgosz - "A Sensational Story Told by New York Business Man" - Owner said he had to fire employees who rejoiced at McKinley being shot and is now being threatened by them - "Attendance Yesterday Was Nearly 61,000" - Article about attendance at the Pan Am - "Goldman Threatened" - Threats sent in two letters - "Minister Tarred and Feathered" - For speaking out against McKinley - "Assassin Received Numerous Letters"

Page 10: - "They Are After Her" - Rumors of an indictment being sought for Emma Goldman in Barre, Vermont - "Did Czolgosz Use Poison?" - Short article about tests being done - "Two Anarchists Were Driven From Town" - Made statements supporting Czolgosz in Union Hill, New Jersey - "Great Things Planned for New York Day" - At the Pan Am

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